Richard Rusoff

Richard Rusoff

Relationship Manager

Richard joined the LTC Solutions team in 2015 before integrating into The Krause Agency in 2021. As a Relationship Manager, Richard spends much of his time training agents, conducting marketing and recruiting calls, and leading presentations. His focus is on helping his teammates and agents understand the intricacies of the products they’re working with and where they fit in the industry.

Richard earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens College. He has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, including sales, telemarketing, and insurance brokerage operations.

Richard is passionate about leading others. He finds great enjoyment in helping his peers understand and be able to utilize the information, resources, and training he provides. Richard is a strong believer in treating others how you’d like to be treated—then go one step better.

Originally from Queens, NY, Richard loves spending time with his wife Debbie, dog Olivia, their children, and grandson Aiden. He also spends his free time doing firearms training and exploring history.

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