Connie Ashley

Connie Ashley

Director of Agent Relations

Connie has been with our company since the early 2000s. She originally started as Dale’s legal assistant before becoming a Benefits Planner. Eventually, she was promoted to her current role as the Director of Agent Relations. A lot of Connie’s day-to-day tasks include providing quotes and plans to agents and attorneys, solving complex case issues, and serving as a liaison between our office and our insurance carriers. She also onboards, educates, and advises our agents. Other tasks include collaborating with her fellow managers to set company goals, reviewing company correspondence, and ensuring all teams are properly staffed. Connie works with her team members to help them achieve their goals and acts as a sounding board to offer solutions on tough cases.

Connie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix. She has experience working as a legal assistant for multiple law firms, which provided her with a foundational understanding of legal processes and terminology. She also worked as an administrative assistant for an independent insurance agent, which taught her how the licensing process works as well as how insurance carriers operate as a whole. Connie has life and health insurance licenses in 49 states.

Connie is always willing to listen with an empathetic ear and provide encouragement and support to those around her, including both team members and clients. She is passionate about helping others, which drives her in her everyday job. She also values integrity and stability in her own work as well as that of her team members. Connie has played a major role in developing our products and determining the best way to onboard new clients.

Connie loves spending time with her husband, Mark, their daughter, Morgan, and their son, Jackson. She also has a pit bull mix, Bella, and a Newfoundland, Linus. In her free time, Connie enjoys watching the Packers and Bucks, training her dog Linus, and shopping for deals.

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