Denise Fessler

Denise Fessler

Licensing Specialist

Denise joined the LTC Solutions team in 2014 before integrating into The Krause Agency in 2021. As the Licensing Specialist, she ensures all commission information and licensing is up to date. Denise is also in charge of teaching the SureLC licensing procedures to agents. On any given day, she can be found contracting agents and updating information as needed.

Denise has prior experience working as an insurance agent as well as in customer service. These roles have given her a strong understanding of the insurance industry and what it takes to sell insurance. Denise enjoys working with agents on a daily basis and ensuring they have the information, resources, and licensing they need to sell products in the senior market.

Originally from Pottsville, PA, Denise enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves exploring North Carolina, hiking, shopping, dancing, and finding the best spots to eat and drink.

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