Digital Marketing Basics for Agents and Advisors

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Katie Camann
Katie Camann April 27, 2021

As Content Marketing Specialist, Katie drafts and edits content across multiple platforms, including blogs, Industry News, emails, videos, website pages, and more. She conducts research and gathers up-to-date information to keep our clients well-informed.

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Although marketing has always been a vital tool for any business, digital marketing strategies have taken more of a front seat in advertising. Therefore, it’s essential for insurance agents and financial advisors like you to use digital marketing to enhance your business. In addition to staying connected with your existing clients, it allows you to reach and engage with new prospects. But where do you begin?

In our recent white paper, An Agent’s Guide to Digital Marketing, we dig into four of the most important forms of digital marketing: maintaining an online presence, creating content, engaging on social media, and utilizing digital advertising tools.

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Cultivating an Online Presence

Being active online allows you to be more visible to clients and prospects and show up when they search for you on Google. A few great ways to cultivate your online presence are creating a website and updating your Google My Business listing. The best part is you can take advantage of these tools for free (or very cheap) and with little to no design expertise.

When creating a website, you’ll want to include important elements, such as clear branding, contact information, personal information about you and your experience, and the products and services you offer. You’ll also want to ensure your website is responsive and consider purchasing a custom domain.

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SEO and Content Strategy

Once your website is online, you can incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content strategies into your website to attract more visitors. For example, to improve your website SEO and show up higher in search results, you may want to include your city and nearby areas in your page headings.

By adding regular content, you can take your website to the next level and experience benefits like increasing traffic to your website, building authority and establishing trust with clients, and keeping your business top of mind for potential customers. Types of content include blogs, videos, articles, white papers, podcasts, and other forms.

Posting and Engaging on Social Media

Social media is one of the most rapidly growing tools in marketing. When you are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can reach more clients and prospects and engage with them in real time. The key is to post a variety of content, switch up the topics you’re posting about, post consistently to stay connected, and engage with comments and messages.

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Digital Advertising Efforts

Much like traditional advertising, digital advertising allows you to invest in your marketing efforts and get your business in front of the right audience. You can use keyword-based ads, demographic and interest ads, remarketing ads, and other types of ads to expand your reach online. When getting started with digital advertising, start small and think about your audience. You can also take advantage of analytics tools to see which digital ads are working and which aren’t and make adjustments accordingly.

Are you ready to reach more customers, get new leads, and grow your business? If so, download An Agent’s Guide to Digital Marketing, our comprehensive white paper that goes in depth on these essential digital marketing tools for your business.