Where to Begin: Content Marketing Ideas for Agents & Advisors

Katie Camann
Katie Camann May 20, 2021

As Content Marketing Specialist, Katie drafts and edits content across multiple platforms, including blogs, Industry News, emails, videos, website pages, and more. She conducts research and gathers up-to-date information to keep our clients well-informed.

Disclaimer: With Medicaid, VA, and insurance regulations frequently changing, past blog posts may not be presently accurate or relevant. Please contact our office for information on current planning strategies, tips, and how-to's.

It’s no secret that digital marketing is essential for any business to succeed. But as an insurance agent or financial advisor, you might be wondering where you should begin. Once you have a website and a social media presence, the next logical step is to start creating content for your website that you can share on your social channels and begin showing up in search results. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Types of Content

When it comes to content marketing, you have multiple options to choose from. And the best part is you can pick the type(s) of content that matches your skills and allow you to share information in the way that works best for you. The two forms of content that we recommend first are blogs and videos, which we’ll explore in greater detail below. Other types of content may include article shares, white papers, podcasts, and more.


Blogs are written posts that are designed to educate new and potential clients about topics relating to the financial industry and your business. The key is to answer a question or provide a specific piece of information that your clients and prospects might be seeking. Here are a few keyword examples:

  • How to Qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance
  • What Type of Annuity/Trust is Right for Me?
  • What Does Car Insurance Cover?
  • How to Get a Quick Insurance Quote

Location-Specific Posts

In addition to general keywords that might reach a wider audience, you’ll also want to include your location and the areas you serve in certain keywords. For example, a title like Quick Life Insurance Quote in Albuquerque, NM is more likely to reach the search results of potential customers in that specific area.

Call to Action

Within each blog post and especially at the end, be sure to include some sort of call to action for the reader. Whether you want them to give you a call or visit a different page on your website, you’ll want to make sure you point them in a specific direction, so they know what to do next.


Like blogs, you can use videos to answer a particular question or provide certain information that your clients and prospects may be looking for. In this case, instead of writing it out, you film yourself talking about it. The best part is you can use your phone or webcam to record the video. You don’t need any fancy equipment or editing software to educate and inform your audience.

Post on Social Media

Videos are especially great for posting on social media. Most platforms place a higher value on video content as opposed to only text, so your videos are more likely to show up on your followers’ feeds. Plus, like other types of content, you can promote videos on social media and boost your video posts to reach even more potential customers.

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More Content Marketing Ideas

If you’d like to learn more tips about creating content and dig into more digital marketing strategies for your business, download our latest white paper, An Agent’s Guide to Digital Marketing, by logging in to your Agent Access account.