Updated 2017 SSI and Spousal Impoverishment Standards

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Disclaimer: Since Medicaid rules and insurance regulations are updated regularly, past blog posts may not present the most accurate or relevant data. Please contact our office for up-to-date information, strategies, and guidance.

The updated 2017 SSI and Spousal Impoverishment Standards have been announced by The Centers for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS). Effective July 1, 2017, the Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (MMMNA) increases in all states (except Alaska and Hawaii) from $2,002.50 to $2,030.00. 

The MMMNA in Alaska will increase from $2,502 to $2,536.25.

The MMMNA in Hawaii will increase from $2,302.25 to $2,333.75.

The Shelter Standard also increases in all states (except Alaska and Hawaii) from $600.75 to $609.00.

The Shelter Standard in Hawaii will increase from $690.68 to $700.13 and the Shelter Standard in Alaska will increase from $750.75 to $760.88.

Again, these updated figures will go into effect July 1.

Calculating The Updated SSI And Spousal Impoverishment Standards

Section 1924 of the Social Security Act states that the community spouse’s MMMNA shall be adjusted with changes to the federal poverty level and be effective July 1st of each year. Other spousal impoverishment standards, such as maximum community spouse income maintenance allowance and community spouse minimum and maximum resource allowances are adjusted each January 1st.

The community spouse’s monthly housing allowance is calculated based on a percentage of the MMMN. This figure is a basis of determining if the community spouse may have excess shelter allowance and is is also adjusted each July 1st.

These spousal impoverishment standard figures are expected to update again January 1, 2018.

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