2023 End-of-the-Year Recap

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Mary Sizemore
Mary Sizemore December 14, 2023

With over 25 years of experience, Mary shares her industry knowledge by helping agents and their clients navigate various insurance products. She also stays up to date on current products and trends to support, mentor, and guide her teammates.

As the end of 2023 quickly approaches, we reflect on how busy and rewarding this year has been! At The Krause Agency, we take pride in being a holistic agency and offering a variety of different products and services to ease the worries of your clients as they age. These products include long-term care insurance (LTCI), preneed and funeral expense trusts, and Medicaid Compliant Annuities. We even added new products with Medicare plans, worksite LTCI, and short-term care insurance. We also continue to work behind the scenes with NAIFA, NAILBA, and NAELA to ensure that our staff is up to date on current legislative matters. Looking ahead, we can’t help but be excited about new opportunities coming in 2024!

The Agent Guide

Keep an eye out for our updated Agent Guides, which will be available early in the new year. We offer special guides focused on LTCI, Medicare, and Medicaid Compliant Annuities. The 2024 Agent Guides will include updated federal regulations, case studies, and tax information. Once available, you can order your updated guide here.

Consumer and Tax Guide

We also offer digital copies of our LTCI Consumer Guide and Tax Guide, which can be found here. These guides are consumer-friendly and give an overview of important tax deductions.

Webinars and Training

The Krause Agency hosted 18 webinars in 2023, and you can expect to see a lot more training in 2024! Topics this year included Medicaid planning, long-term care insurance, marketing, Medicare, and so much more. In the coming year, we’ll offer training for both new and seasoned LTCI agents. If you have a topic you would like to see on our calendar, please let one of our Relationship Managers know.

Meeting Your Goals

If your goal is to increase your business, schedule a call with our Relationship Managers today. During the call, you can discuss conversation starters, consumer-facing flyers and brochures, and how to develop a marketing strategy to ensure your clients have a plan for aging. After all, everyone should have a plan for long-term care. Clients with assets at risk should consider an insurance plan to mitigate their exposure. If your client does not plan for long-term care, who will be responsible for making those decisions when an illness or disability strikes? Encourage your clients to plan today for long-term care. Planning protects not only their assets but also their family by providing a guideline to follow should they become disabled.

What can we do to help you meet your goals for 2024? Reach out to our Relationship Managers and let them know. Our team is excited to hear from you! We are thankful for your business! Click here to schedule a call with us.