Partnering with a Long-Term Care Insurance Advocate

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Mary Sizemore
Mary Sizemore September 14, 2023

With over 25 years of experience, Mary shares her industry knowledge by helping agents and their clients navigate various insurance products. She also stays up to date on current products and trends to support, mentor, and guide her teammates.

Despite the high likelihood of requiring long-term care, only a small percentage of clients have discussed a plan for long-term care with their financial advisor. In reality, most individuals feel this is an important part of their retirement plan and are curious to learn about their options.

Every client should have a plan for their long-term care before a crisis strikes.

Whether your client needs care for six months or ten years, it is essential for them to have a blueprint for where they will receive care, who will provide it, and how they will pay for it. If your client has any assets to protect, they will benefit from transferring some of that risk to an insurance carrier in the form of a long-term care insurance (LTCI) policy.

You don’t have to be an LTCI expert – we have it covered!

Although we offer training and webinars to increase your knowledge of long-term care insurance, we understand that some agents and advisors are simply too busy to set aside the necessary time to learn the ins and outs of LTCI. That’s why we offer our LTCI Advocate solution.

Our LTCI Advocate Solution

One of our advocates will work with both you and your client to develop a long-term care insurance plan suited for their unique situation, and you can have as much or as little involvement as you choose. Teaming up with an advocate allows you to give your clients the attention and service they deserve while you concentrate on your core business. All advocates work virtually, so they can help clients located anywhere in the country. Our advocates can help insurance agents, CFPs, accountants, financial planners, attorneys, and benefit brokers. Our advocates are nationally recognized industry leaders in long-term care insurance and are committed to helping you and your client put the best solution in place.

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