Preferred Long Term Care Locations

Grandparents with their two grandchildren

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A survey was conducted by the Nationwide Retirement Institute which surveyed over 1,000 adults who had incomes of at least $150,000. Out of those surveyed, 28% said they would probably receive long-term care at an assisted living facility, although the top choice was living in their own homes.

The reason many would choose an assisted living facility was due mainly in part to the availability of professional care. While not as pivotal in their choice, the other main reasons for choosing assisted living was to take the burden off of family members, feeling comfort and familiarity with surrounding, not being left alone, affordability, the chance to have more interaction with family and being in closer proximity to family.

When the family was asked about their preferred option for their elderly family member, 42% said they would like if their family member had the money to afford a quality assisted living facility or nursing home. Another majority said they would like if their family member received care in their own home.