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Cameras in Senior’s Room – Help or Hinder?

Older man in hospital gown with walker

Disclaimer: With Medicaid, VA, and insurance regulations frequently changing, past blog posts may not be presently accurate or relevant. Please contact our office for information on current planning strategies, tips, and how-to's.

Cameras in resident’s nursing home rooms have become much more common. However, they also raise issues about privacy, safety, and dignity for the senior resident. Some employees have even taken to turning or unplugging the camera when they enter a resident’s room.

According to research, the most likely abusers of seniors are their relatives, which becomes the main issue when those same relatives would be responsible for installing and controlling the cameras in the room. These residents may be bathed or changed in their room or may have sensitive conversations with clergy or health care professionals which then becomes captured and stored on the camera.

Only seven states in the U.S. currently have regulations for these cameras in nursing home rooms. Researchers are hoping that with this rise of new technology in senior care that legislators will create new laws to regulate the use of these cameras.