Rachael Capek

Rachael Capek

Administrative Specialist

As an Administrative Specialist, Rachael takes on a variety of tasks, including answering phones, distributing mail, uploading applications, and performing data entry for multiple projects. She is often the first point of contact for clients and other individuals who call our office, and she is responsible for transferring them to the right person and ensuring they get the help they need.

Rachael attended the Academy of Beauty Professionals, where she earned her Esthetician License. She has previous experience working in various environments, which has helped her learn how to adapt quickly to changes.

Rachael is adaptable and a fast learner, always looking to expand her knowledge and take on more tasks. She appreciates being a part of the team and doing her part to help the application process run smoothly. Rachael values teamwork, integrity, and respect in everything she does.

In her free time, Rachael enjoys spending time with her husband Nolan, cat Serenity, and other loved ones. She also loves reading, walking, biking, baking, cooking, and playing cards and board games.

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