Andrea Geyer, MBA

Andrea Geyer, MBA

Administration Manager

Andrea has been with Krause since 2016, when she started as an Administrative Assistant. She eventually moved on to be the Sales and Event Coordinator before taking on her current role as the Administration Manager. Andrea oversees the day-to-day operations of the Administration department and assists in strategizing continuous efficiency through various processes, while also facilitating compliance associated with each sale. Every day is pretty fast-paced for Andrea, since she ensures that time-sensitive documentation is processed in the same day. She takes pride in the high-quality customer service our office provides to our clients and partners. Some of Andrea’s duties include processing annuity applications and ensuring they meet Medicaid and insurance carrier standards, managing the Administration team, taking care of bank deposits, and auditing and invoicing commissions. She solves a variety of problems for both clients and teammates, including answering questions, expediting time-sensitive documents, requesting information, and training new Administration team members.

Andrea earned a Certificate of Psychological and Behavioral Studies from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Rasmussen College. Additionally, she has her master’s degree in Business Administration and is working toward her Doctorate of Business Administration at Columbia Southern University. In her previous jobs in customer service and banking, Andrea has gained a strong understanding of compliance and confidentiality requirements as well as experience working in a fast-paced environment and facilitating various financial transactions. She has her insurance license.

Andrea is extremely detail-oriented, self-motivated, and is constantly looking for learning opportunities. A big professional accomplishment for Andrea was being promoted to a leadership position in less than four years of employment, which was very empowering and gratifying for her. She values a good work ethic, morals, and principled behavior and looks for ways to demonstrate those values in her position. Andrea is passionate about being able to assist clients as they help seniors and their loved ones save thousands of dollars in the most critical and emotional stage of their life.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys boating, shopping, and spending time with her family, friends, and daughter Paisley.

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