Brandon Erieau

Brandon Erieau

Senior Web Developer

Brandon has been with us since 2018. In his role as Senior Web Developer, Brandon takes the ideas of others and converts them into tangible enhancements to how our website operates for our clients using a variety of strategies. In doing so, Brandon writes code and builds out these enhancements to the Krause website. He also builds marketing emails and develops automation tasks to improve efficiency across the entire team. Brandon offers a unique perspective when it comes to decisions regarding the website.

Brandon received his associate degree in Computer Science from ITT Technical Institute. In his previous role, Brandon built and managed over 300 websites with varying specifications, which allowed him to develop his technical skills and learn the importance of efficiency and multitasking in a professional setting.

Brandon brings strong web programming expertise as well as excellent project management and problem-solving skills to his role. He has always been curious about how things work, which has often led him to find ways to rebuild them in a better way. He enjoys the challenge of improving upon the work of others. Brandon has a deep understanding of CRM systems, which gives him the capability and knowledge to not only write efficient applications but also integrate those applications into our business model. As a result, the Krause team can be more effective in reaching the right clients and providing them with the information they need.

Outside of work, Brandon spends a lot of time with his girlfriend, Anna, and his black cat, Goliath. He also enjoys photography, videography, home improvement projects, and video games.

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