REGISTER: How to Identify Imposter Scams and Protect Your Senior Clients

August 1, 2024 | 12:00PM CDT


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Imposter scams are the largest class of scams reported to the Federal Trade Commission annually. Despite the many reports, it is believed that most scams go unreported. Seniors are often the targets of these scams because they often have more resources to lose and are less likely to report instances of fraud.

In this session, we will review the most popular imposter scams affecting seniors and examine ways seniors can keep themselves safe. We’ll also look at what to do if someone is a victim of an imposter scam.

Participants can expect to learn the following:

  • How to identify the 5 popular imposter scams affecting seniors
  • Strategies for preventing and detecting imposter scams
  • Methods for reporting scams when they occur

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Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith

State Director
Virginia Senior Medicare Patrol

Shawn is the state director for the Virginia Senior Medicare Patrol. Before moving into the nonprofit realm, he served in the corporate sector as a pharmaceutical sales rep and vice president of an event production company.  Since matriculating into the nonprofit world, Shawn has focused his work on serving marginalized and underserved communities. In his current role, he manages a team of over 100 paid and volunteer staff in assisting seniors with healthcare errors, fraud, and abuse. Shawn is also the author of “101 Fraud Tips,” a resource designed to help seniors protect themselves from the activities of scammers. He resides in Richmond, VA, and has two sons, Shawn and Vaughn.


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