Report Ranks States Based on Quality of Care

Person taking survey, checking box

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A report from looked at Medicare’s nursing home ratings, on a scale of 1 to 5, to find how each state in the U.S. ranked. The highest score was 3.93 in Hawaii and the lowest rating was 2.68 in Texas.

This report also surveyed family members who have a loved one in a nursing home. From their answers, found that family members usually visit their loved ones around six times a month and more than fifty percent of responses said they felt somewhat to extremely guilty about putting their loved one in a nursing home.

However, when family members were asked if they would want to be sent to a nursing home, almost fifty percent said they would not want their families to send them to a nursing home.

Nearly 72% of those surveyed said they felt satisfied with the care that their loved one was receiving in the nursing home and only 18.1% of responders said they were dissatisfied with the care.