5 Reasons to Connect with Your Relationship Manager

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Katie Camann
Katie Camann July 25, 2022

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If you’re new to Krause or considering adding one of our long-term care planning products to your business, a Relationship Manager is your primary point of contact with our office. They can answer your questions, guide you through the planning process, and connect you with a Benefits Planner to develop a custom plan for a specific case. Their primary focus is to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service and get the support you need when working with us.

1. We work with agents and advisors of all experience levels.

Our objective at The Krause Agency is to educate, advise, and support all of our clients regardless of their experience level. We seek to accomplish this by being a resource for all your long-term care planning questions and providing guidance throughout the entire process. Our Relationship Managers are experts in the industry and strive to help you achieve the right solution for each client.

2. Our Relationship Managers are here to coach, not make sales.

The goal of the Relationship Managers at The Krause Agency is to make sure you feel confident in your understanding of the long-term care planning process so you can better advise your clients about their options. That’s why all our consultation calls and financial proposals are complimentary and come with no obligation to purchase, should your client choose not to proceed.

3. An answer is just a call or click away.

Our Relationship Managers are focused on educating agents and advisors about the nuances of long-term care planning and offering tips and strategies based on our years of experience. If you’re new to the senior market and not sure where to start, we encourage you to schedule a call with a Relationship Manager. We welcome any and all questions, and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll guide you to someone who does!

See answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

4. The Krause Agency website includes a variety of tools and resources for your business.

With over 30 years of experience in the senior market, our office has worked to develop the training and resources you need to achieve success. Our resources have evolved and expanded over the years to include informational videos, white papers, monthly webinars, and so much more. This content has been perfected over time to provide you with the information you need to better serve your clients.

Access all of our resources by creating a free Agent Access account.

5. Your assigned Relationship Manager is your personal contact at our office.

Customer service is of the highest priority at The Krause Agency. That’s why our Relationship Managers are committed to providing you with the support and information you need to help your clients achieve their financial goals. No matter what stage of the planning process your client is in, a Relationship Manager can help guide you. Scheduling a Discovery Call is 100% free. Plus, if your client decides not to proceed, you have already connected with your primary point of contact for your next case!

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