Tyrell Jensen

Tyrell Jensen

Director of Business Development

Tyrell is in charge of leading, developing, and coaching the Business Development team. He places a primary focus on overall sales strategy, client onboarding and retention, and guiding his team members in every aspect of their role. He collaborates with the executive and marketing teams to accomplish the company’s key initiatives. He is responsible for developing plans and helping the team deliver on these objectives to meet both short- and long-term goals. Tyrell works closely with our clients, partners, and insurance companies to strengthen these professional relationships and ensure we are offering the right products, services, and resources to meet their needs.

Tyrell earned his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. He has vast experience working in the financial planning and insurance industry with a strong focus on annuities and life insurance. Through that experience, he has gained industry knowledge on how these products can be used in the senior market. Tyrell also understands how to combine financial, legal, and tax planning to form a holistic plan for seniors in retirement. With over a decade of management experience in the financial industry, Tyrell offers a unique perspective to our team as well as the attorneys and agents we work with. He is licensed in life and health insurance.

Tyrell is passionate about helping clients find solutions and providing resources to help them obtain the care they need while also achieving peace of mind for them and their loved ones. His strong understanding of financial, legal, and tax resources allows him to provide the best possible outcome for each client. Stewardship, integrity, and achievement are three values that drive Tyrell in everything he does.

Tyrell grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in Utah. In his free time, he enjoys motorcycling, camping, cooking, reading, and traveling. He also loves spending time with his partner, Sebastian, and their three yorkies, Teddy, Bella, and Theo.

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